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Prescription lenses and foils

How to obtain your optical prescription

In Australia (check with your optometrist in other countries), full eye examinations are available to all Medicare Card holders free of charge. They are entitled to:

  • A full eye examination every two years.
  • Simple prescription checks are covered by Medicare at any time.

Employees undergo eye examinations with their optometrists, or if they have a current prescription they can simply send the prescription to The New Eye Company using the NEC Prescription Form at the top in the panel to the right.

IMPORTANT: Your optician must record your Pupil Distance (PD) on your prescription.

The PD is required because lenses are inserted into foils to match this distance which varies from person to person.

On receipt of their IC Safety Eyewear System, employees simply clip their Astralon™ Foils into their IC Safety Frame (this is only required for employees who use prescription lenses as explained in this video).

Manufacture and Fitting

On receiving your prescriptions, our trained staff manufacture the prescribed lenses in our optical laboratory and fit them into Astralon Foils ready for shipment.


Delivery in Australia

In Australia, the New Eye Company will either:

  • Mail each individual IC Safety Eyewear System directly to each of your employee’s nominated addresses or,
  • Mail them to your nominated workplaces anywhere in Australia.

You can elect either an Express Courier Service or Australia Post.

Delivery to countries other than Australia

Please contact us at the New Eye Company giving your delivery location plus your delivery service requirements and preferences. We will then calculate the postage costs and respond to you promptly with an Australian Dollar cost for this service.

Delivery times

Delivery times vary according to the type of optical lens ordered.

Add the following duration to the shipping time starting from the day we received the prescription/s:

  • Single Vision Lenses: 8 working days.
  • Bifocal Lenses: 14 working days.
  • Multifocal Lenses: 14 working days.

For special delivery requirements please contact us at the New Eye Company to make arrangements.

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You can contact us directly otherwise kindly supply the following details in confidence to us (see our privacy statement):

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Existing customers

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To install the Adobe Reader go here http://get.adobe.com/reader/ and follow the instructions and unless you want to install the Google Chrome browser it is recommended that you un-check the box to include Chrome.

2. Ordering IC Safety Frames – Existing Clients

Existing customers have volume purchasing arrangements with us to match their needs.

We have your details on file, and if you have already discussed your order with us, simply fax your completed order form to us at (07) 3885 2634.

Otherwise, the best method to ensure that you receive complete and accurate service is for you to give us a call on (07) 3885 2634 for us to provide direct and immediate service to you.

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