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Request an IC Safety System Trial

Instructions on conducting a Trial

Once you have identified suitable participants for your trial, please review the process below.

1). You will need to submit a trial request form from the panel to the right for each participant.

2). Please include local daytime contact details for each participant. If the trial is to be conducted at different locations please include contact details for each trial location and the individual controlling the trial at the location.

3). Each participant needs to provide details regarding the type of work they perform or any special needs. This assists our laboratory staff to more accurately set up the correct optics for each participants occupation.

4). Each participant needs to have a full eye test by an Optometrist.

  • Eye examinations are usually fully covered by medicare every 2 years.
  • Prescription checks are normally covered by medicare at anytime.

5). Please ensure that participants Optometrists include each participant’s Pupil Distance (PD) on their prescriptions, as this measurement is used to fit each individual participant with the correct optical foil size for their safety glasses (if we get this wrong their vision will be impaired due to incorrect positioning of the lenses).

6). Please ensure the contact phone number of the optometrist supplying the prescription is contained within the prescription.

7). Submit an NEC Prescription form for each participant’s prescription using the form at the bottom of the Order Products page for manufacture and distribution.

8). An Optical Field Trial Evaluation Form will be issued to each participant at the conclusion of your Field Trial to assess the suitability of our safety system for your employees and your company (please send copies to New Eye Company).

9). Select the Safety Frames required for each participant.  Normally you would order 1x Pair Clear and 1x Pair Shaded per participant at the time of placing the prescription orders and a quantity of replacement Safety Frames to be used on site during the trial period.

10). You should consider ordering the following replacement IC Safety Frames:

  • 1x Box Grey Safety Frames (12 per box)
  • 1x Box Clear Safety Frames (12 per box)
  • 1x Box Brown Safety Frames (12 per box)

11). Also, please email us a copy of your payment terms and conditions and an address for us to send our Tax Invoices to plus the delivery address for the safety foils and frames to: accounts@www.neweyeco.com.

12). For Tax Invoice payments to the New Eye Company, our details are as follows:

Postal Address: New Eye Company Pty Ltd
PO Box 324
CLONTARF, Qld, 4019

42 144 963 235
Bank: Commonwealth
Account Name: New Eye Company Pty Ltd
BSB: 064 122
ACCT No: 1031 6020

Trial Request Form

Please send us details of each trial participant.

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