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How to Halve the Cost of Prescription Safety Glasses and Sports Sunglasses

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Have you noticed that just about all scratches to your glasses happen from the outside not the inside?

That’s why in our system, the outside part can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of the expensive prescription lenses.

You just slip your prescription into a new inexpensive set of frames or replace the outer glass at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement set of prescription frames.

My Recent Appearance on the Shark Tank

After my recent experience on Shark Tank (Australian TV series) recorded live and probably airing in February 2016, I needed to sit back and take stock of exactly what part of my value proposition had hit the mark.

It appears that my German precision engineering and modern stylish design was of only mild interest to the judges. In hindsight, with brand names like Prada and Bollé to choose from, I should have anticipated that reaction.

Switching tack, I explained my products flexibility in allowing my customers to switch lenses, for example from yellow to polarized, in under a minute. This attracted a bit more interest but what really hit the mark was how my patented system typically halves the cost of prescription safety glasses and sports sunglasses.

I explained how this feature works and the next thing I knew I had three sharks snapping at my bait.

The pictures below explains our award-winning design that makes this cost saving feature possible.

Prescription Sunglasses Half the cost
Our Patented System Protects the “Expensive” Component – your Prescription Lenses

These two examples demonstrate how the expensive part of the system, being the prescription lenses, are protected.

If you want to to slash the cost of your prescription glasses you should check out our full range of modern optional prescription frames at www.neweyeco.net for individual purchases or at www.neweyeco.com for corporate orders.

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Winner of The ABC New Inventors 2011 award and having worked in the optical industry since becoming an optician in 1990, I founded The New Eye Company Pty. Ltd after inventing The IC Safety System which is a new safety glasses system suitable for optical prescription lenses. Although our primary customers are construction and mining companies, the IC Safety System has advantages in many other work places e.g. hospitals and for dentists. We have also developed an IC Sports System and are currently researching and developing an IC Fish System. We anticipate launching our systems into the international market this year.