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Sports injuries called leading cause of vision loss in children

Sports injuries called leading cause of vision loss in children

Have you considered how often your child’s sight is put at risk when at play? Try encouraging your child by offering them both functional and stylish eye protection that accommodate optional prescription inserts. To understand the day to day risk of not protecting their eyes, you may wish to read this article posted by CBC…

Australian Rx-able Prescription Safety & Sports Sunglasses Make a Splash!

In the Shark Tank Mehringer will pitch the IC Sport & Safety Eyewear System to Channel Ten’s Shark Tank Team on Thursday 16th June, 2016 at 8.40pm … read the press release

How to Halve the Cost of Prescription Safety Glasses and Sports Sunglasses

Have you noticed that just about all scratches to your glasses happen from the outside not the inside? That’s why in our system, the outside part can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of the expensive prescription lenses. You just slip your prescription into a new inexpensive set of frames or replace the outer…

See the World Safely with Safety Eyewear and Prevent Eye Injuries!

Did you know that of all cases brought to Australia’s Victorian hospitals emergency departments, over 6% are due to sports or work related eye injuries? Worse yet, they’re mostly quite severe resulting in damage of the structure and vision of the eyes. What frustrates doctors is that in most cases they suggest that such injuries…

Welcome to the IC Safety Eyewear Blog

We welcome you to our open forum discussion blog and we will strive to keep you up to date with happenings, deals and special Safety Eyewear offers. We value your opinion, so please feel free to begin or contribute to discussions as this keeps us all up to date on all recent and ongoing “Occupational…

Opening Blog Post

Welcome to the IC Safety Eyewear Blog This is our first post to our new corporate web site that went live in December 2012. Please feel free to give us your thoughts and comments. Best regards, The New Eye Company Web Master.