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Australian Rx-able Prescription Safety & Sports Sunglasses Make a Splash!

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In the Shark Tank

Mehringer will pitch the IC Sport & Safety Eyewear System to Channel Ten’s Shark Tank Team on Thursday 16th June, 2016 at 8.40pm … read the press release

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Winner of The ABC New Inventors 2011 award and having worked in the optical industry since becoming an optician in 1990, I founded The New Eye Company Pty. Ltd after inventing The IC Safety System which is a new safety glasses system suitable for optical prescription lenses. Although our primary customers are construction and mining companies, the IC Safety System has advantages in many other work places e.g. hospitals and for dentists. We have also developed an IC Sports System and are currently researching and developing an IC Fish System. We anticipate launching our systems into the international market this year.